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In the studio laying down tracks for a new EP that takes a dive into the shadowy realms of espionage with a James Bond twist. This journey ventures into darker, more ferocious soundscapes, reminiscent of the chilling winds and raw intensity found in the bleakest of metal genres, yet uniquely Wizard Tattoo.

I’m thrilled to reveal that we’ll feature a guest vocalist on one track, with the possibility of another joining the fray, adding to the EP’s depth.

Parallel to this, I’m crafting a full-length album that echoes the sinister narratives of ‘Fables of the Damned’ and my debut EP, complete with another signature knife fight song.

Both projects are brewing — the EP is set for release this summer, and the album is on the horizon for late this year or early next.

For all the latest updates, check out our newly launched site:

Stay tuned for a descent into the abyss.


2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Hey, it’s your fan from IG… just found this link, great to read what you’re doing…and pleased you’re keeping that unique Wizard Tattoo sound! Looking forward to hearing it all and if you want a guest vox in future keep Me in mind;) I’m still developing My voice but recording with Dark Blues Project and NoisePusher/ transistor Savant but would be cool to do something like this too. All the beast 🤘😈🤘

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