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Fables of the Damned Reviews

Fables of the damned

“…probably the best classic rock record since, I dunno, Bat Out of Hell”

Classic Rock Magazine

“Bram the Bard proves to be a gifted multi-instrumentalist who delivers an eclectic album and a perfect follow-up to his previous EP.”

Harbinger of D.O.O.M.

“Packed full of ingenious ideas, sounds and grooves. This is first rate entertainment from start to finish.”

Outlaws of the Sun

“In such a saturated genre as Stoner Doom, the music is always a danger of becoming a little too interchangeable. Fables of the Damned however manages to avoid this pitfall by packing in a lot of musical variety…”

Ghost Cult Mag

“Out since the end of June, the new Wizard Tattoo album Fables Of The Damned. The one-man project by Bram The Bard, where the man issues his wisdom through riffs and parables. For the man is a storyteller, a master at making clashing patterns work, weaving flourishes of country and Americana expertly into his metal, his doom and his ability to deliver a haunting melody.”

Stoner Hive