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🎸 Exciting News! Preorders for my upcoming EP Living Just For Dying are now live on Bandcamp! 🎸Set for release on July 26, 2024, this concept EP continues the story from Fables of the Damned and explores themes of memory, madness, and imagination. Secure your copy now and be among the first to dive into the journey.

Preorder here – Thank you for your support! 🤘

Wizard Tattoo, the Indianapolis-based progressive metal project by multi-instrumentalist Bram the Bard, returns with the compelling new concept EP Living Just For Dying, set for release on July 26, 2024. Picking up where Fables of the Damned left off, this release delves into the mind of an aging protagonist, exploring themes of memory, madness, and imagination.

Building on the distinctive sound established in previous works, Living Just For Dying combines influences from classic rock, grunge, progressive rock, and jazz, adding a unique twist to its dark narrative. The EP features the talents of Djinnifer, who lends her captivating vocals to the prog rock track “The Wizard Who Loved Me,” and Fausto Auerlius, who delivers a powerful performance on the black metal song “Tomorrow Dies.”

The EP is bookended by the mainly acoustic title track “Living Just For Dying” and “Sanity’s Eclipse,” which opens acoustically before transforming into an instrumental classic rock piece. From the introspective “Living Just For Dying” to the apocalyptic “Tomorrow Dies,” listeners are taken on a journey through a realm where reality and fantasy blur. “Sanity’s Eclipse” captures the struggle of discerning reality from dreams after a great battle, while “The Wizard Who Loved Me” explores themes of love, betrayal, and vengeance.

Mixed and mastered at Garage Fire Recordings, Living Just For Dying presents a profound, introspective experience for any who dare to listen. Lose yourself in the madness and enjoy the ride. 


releases July 26, 2024

Special thanks to Gina Gleason for her invaluable help and support, her tutelage, and in shaping some of the ideas for this EP.

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