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To celebrate the release of our upcoming EP, Living Just For Dying on July 26th, I’m giving away 20 copies of our previous album, Fables of the Damned on Bandcamp. Snag a code below and please share! qy9d-ef6b92ts-ua9x3lze-enyqwetg-3enzzc5f-6hvtv39n-3kla7atx-hkvbcmby-xj86ervn-jgbkmydq-kvr5bkq6-gkwf5ng2-b9labakd-x9vba7ye-jtzwr5ug-yb94dr5z-bh6mjz6l-5u9b63yh-756xudtp-eftqlqz8-3puzqg2y-cna6guly-xauyylpz-jbefyp9n-kwfa262x-6xe7ayxp-6qr5rte8-y9wfk4vb-6lmtkeb5-ymybz6xf-762xnzcm-5k4qltj7-7yjtek9d-ef9bgnts-up6x3dze-entqdjtg-3auzpgnz-c7a682dz-xeuy7mn6-g364 Redeem at… Read More »Free Download


In the studio laying down tracks for a new EP that takes a dive into the shadowy realms of espionage with a James Bond twist. This journey ventures into darker, more ferocious soundscapes, reminiscent of the chilling winds and raw… Read More »Update